Wellness Master Class
Danny Friedland: Leading Consciously in Times of Stress

In the Global Wellness Summit’s second Wellness Master Class, Danny Friedland, MD, leadership trainer, coach and author, explained why now more than ever, wellness industry leaders must stay purposefully connected to their colleagues and their community. During his Master Class on “Leading Consciously in Times of Stress,” Dr. Friedland offered concrete strategies to address the leadership challenges created by the Coronavirus epidemic—and guided participants through virtual breakout sessions where they learned to become more conscious leaders.

2 thoughts on “Wellness Master Class: Danny Friedland”

  1. Dear Danny and Susie and Team,

    Though I missed this live so was unable to participate in the session, it was so powerful and I hope that I am free to share this with my team and partners.

    Shery Christopher

  2. Dear Danny, Dear GWS,
    Please excuse my delay I just found these.

    Danny you are brilliant and you get your message across, we were all engaged and deeply touched. I made a new friend and feel very grateful. Love you dany.

    Susie and Team , Bless you for providing this service, you have access to the best and this is absolutely positively a great service to all of us.
    Question: Is there a way to post on SM? or is this not allowed? I am easy but if allowed I will spread these amazing gifts.

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