Wellness Master Class
Martin Palmer: Faith in the Time of a Global Crisis

In this inspiring Wellness Master Class, Martin Palmer, theologian, author, broadcaster and environmentalist, reminds us that during a global crisis, faiths and beliefs can improve our world and help us prepare for the changes that lie ahead. Palmer explains why science and faith need to co-exist and gives concrete examples of the lessons faith can teach us during a global pandemic. Martin is a regular contributor to the BBC on religious and ethical issues, and as president of FaithInvest, he helps faiths of all types move their investments into programs that align with their values.

2 thoughts on “Wellness Master Class: Martin Palmer”

  1. Dear Martin, Dear Susie and GWS, Thank you for this truly inspiring and informative talk. Martin brings faith out of the closet and places it , free of dogmas, directly back into the heart and mind. This is a gift Humanity can make use of.

    We can create a new anymore positive world.

  2. Hello, Nancy, This is Richard Jordan, Dean of UN Non-governmental Organization reps over 40 years, just watched my friend of long standing, but sadly not in touch very often now, Martin Palmer — first met about 30 years ago, I think it may have been through Prince Alfred of Liechtenstein and his Vienna Academy for the Study of the Future. I also was Trustee of Sacred Space of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine for 6 years — the Cathedral is a sacred space, so any Trustee takes care of that space also. I have very interesting perspectives on the time in which we live, also from being a member of the Board of the American Teilhard Society. I must give you thanks for bringing Martin in to the conversation, did he share with you the story about the tomb/memorial of Ninian and the plastic bags?? Please do ask him, and I have a similar sense of humor, being native by birth of NYC — I would challenge Martin please to tell us from what poem that “crap detector” came. One of my favorite mnemonic devices is the one Sir John Shirley Quirk told me about pronouncing properly the name of Sir Peter Pears. Simple, here goes, with phonetics given, not proper spelling: “Peter PAIRS …….. Was fond of AIRS……….. He had them written………….. By Benjamin Britten.” Substitute sea shanties for airs, and it works. Martin did not tell me that one, by the way, it was Sir John. BY THE WAY, what was that hanging piece of paper behind Martin and on the wall, it looked like an Oriental script??? Best regards, Richard Jordan

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