“Mid-Year Trends Update: Where the future of wellness is heading”

VP, Research & Forecasting, Beth McGroarty & Wellness Forecasters | WEDNESDAY, June 23, 10am – 11am EST
Throughout the year, the Global Wellness Summit keeps a close eye on our trends predictions to help you understand how they are evolving. Join this special Wellness Master Class with VP, Research and Forecasting, Beth McGroarty, as she and GWS wellness forecasters analyze where global wellness trends are heading—and their impact on the multitrillion-dollar global wellness economy.

Beth will be joined by Elaine Glusac, New York Times travel writer; Sandra Ballantine, W Magazine; and other top journalists. During the discussion, they will explore the most important aspects of the Summit’s far-reaching “Global Wellness Trends Report: The Future of Wellness 2021” and illuminate the ways trends are in play and their impact on vast markets, including healthcare, the entertainment industry, travel, financial services, architecture, design, the meetings sector and more. As you continue to adjust to changes in the year ahead, we think you will find this compelling, thought-provoking update of great value.

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