WHAT MATTERS MOST NOW? – Episode #43 on how to lead with your heart when you receive the worst possible news

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What does it mean to spend your entire career trying to make the world better only to receive the worst possible news when you’re at the peak of it…you have a terminal illness? Do you say, WHY ME?  Or do you do what Dr. Danny Friedland did and ask, “WHAT MATTERS MOST NOW FOR ME, FOR MY COMMUNITY, AND FOR THE WORLD?”

In Episode #43, we will discuss what Dr. Friedland’s philosophy has to do with the Global Wellness Institute’s newest Initiative:  LEADING WELL FROM WITHIN. Four Initiative members, including the man behind the idea, Dr. Daniel Friedland, a clinical professor at UC San Francisco who helped pioneer evidenced-based research for healing modalities—and became a noted expert in the field of CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP & CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM join the conversation.

In November of 2020, as if the year wasn’t challenging enough, Dr. Danny was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, or brain cancer. The irony was lost on no one, and his pivot includes a YouTube channel to document his cancer journey and how best to model resiliency and lead with heart, no matter the circumstances.

(By the way, research shows that companies that practice CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM outperform the market 10 to 1.) 


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