Where wellness is headed. New insights on the multitrillion-dollar wellness economy

If you’ve read the Global Wellness Summit’s 2021 Trends Report Update, you know it’s filled with valuable predictions from the most respected forecasters in the business of wellness.

Haven’t had a chance to review this highly respected analysis of the future of wellness? Now, you can order the full report PLUS receive the Trends Report Update with new insights on each trend from our wellness experts.

The updated forecast takes a close look at each of the nine trends listed below, along with a synopsis of press coverage since January.

The GWS Trends Report Update—so you can keep pace with the pace of change.


1. Hollywood and the Entertainment Industries Jump into Wellness
2. The Future of Immune Health: Stop Boosting, Start Balancing
3. Spiritual and Numinous Moments in Architecture
4. Just Breathe!
5. The Self-Care Renaissance
6. Adding Color to Wellness
7. Resetting Events with Wellness
8. Money Out Loud
9. 2021: The Year of the Travel Reset