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The highly anticipated The Future of Wellness 2023 Trends global trends report identifies 12 key wellness trends impacting the wellness economy in 2023 and beyond. Rigorous, international research in this report unveils that the long, thoughtful pause forced by the pandemic has transformed the very idea of “wellness.” People are now more reflective, they seek more science, they’re less selfish (more concerned about each other and the planet) and want solutions that are meaningful and work. Purchase this longest-running, most in-depth wellness trends report to understand the meaningful shifts impacting your business and investments. Your purchase includes access to a recording of the recent Trends Master Class, where Beth McGroarty and six other experts unpack the 160-page report. See purchase receipt for the link to view the video recording.

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2023 Trends Summaries

Wellness Comes for the Loneliness Epidemic
By Beth McGroarty

We “know” loneliness is skyrocketing, that it kills and that the #1 predictor of health and happiness is relationships. But somehow, the recent uber-capitalist wellness market has led with two…Keep Reading

From Global Smorgasbord to Hyper-Indigenous
By Elaine Glusac

Wellness and wellness tourism have long resembled Disney’s “It’s a Small World”: buffets of global experiences typically divorced from place. Yoga, born in India, is ubiquitous worldwide; ayahuasca…Keep Reading

Workplace Wellness Finally Starts to Mean Something
By Skyler Hubler & Cecelia Girr

From protected time off to finally acknowledging women’s health needs, employee wellness is getting a much-needed rethink. Employers have been casually tossing around the word…Keep Reading

From “Clean” to Biotech Beauty
By Jessica Smith

As the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic subsides, one thing has become clear: science is king. In the world of beauty, the shift towards data-backed products has never been more evident. We’re seeing an about face from…Keep Reading

Urban Infrastructure Just Might Save Cities
By Robbie Hammond & Omar Toro-Vaca

The role of the city has been reimagined countless times over the centuries (they’ve been trading posts, political and artistic centers, and…Keep Reading

The Skinny on Brown Fat and Eliminating Obesity
By Michael Roizen, MD

Harnessing the ability to live longer and “younger” is among the biggest trends in medicine and wellness today. Dr. Michael Roizen believes a crucial factor in the longevity quest is recognizing that…Keep Reading

The Case for Coming Together
By Thierry Malleret

Wellness policies have been years in the making, but in 2023 and beyond, they will evolve, multiply and strengthen. Governments “know” the crippling economic and societal costs that come…Keep Reading

Blue, Hot and Wild
By Jane Kitchen

The pandemic spurred a hunger for in-nature experiences that shows no signs of abating. But when we talk about the nature surge, we usually remain on terra firma. In 2023, people will jump into the world’s wild waters for some…Keep Reading

New Business Models for Hospitality
By Lisa Starr

Savvy hospitality brands are responding to demands from wellness-focused clients looking beyond the basement gym, in search of pro-athlete-level equipment, fitness classe…Keep Reading

Multisensory Integration
By Ari Peralta

Advances in neuroscience and neuroaesthetics confirm that, when combined, the senses elevate our human experience. Nature is multisensory and it turns out, so are we. The senses have always been present in wellness…Keep Reading

The Wild, Wild West of Biohacking
By Marc Cohen, MD

Biohacking is the attempt to control biology and defy disease, decay and death so we can become superhuman. The idea is not new; our ancestors were masterful biohackers…Keep Reading

Having Faith in Business
By Brian Grim

It’s not surprising that the pandemic led to a resurgence of faith. What is surprising is that the corporate world is embracing it. While diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in workplaces have focused on race, gender…Keep Reading

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