From “Clean” to Biotech Beauty

By Jessica Smith

As the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic subsides, one thing has become clear: science is king. In the world of beauty, the shift towards data-backed products has never been more evident. We’re seeing an about face from the conversation around “clean beauty” (with all its muddy claims) to a desire for science-backed products.

In this trend, we look at the evolution from greenwashing and false claims to today’s new—and welcomed—medical, bio-positive and tech-forward product development and explore what the future might hold. We see a movement that is fueled by beauty consumers who are demanding more: more education and transparency, like No7 Beauty Company’s partnership with the British Beauty Council on the “Science of Skincare,” more results-driven beauty technologies (bringing the medi-spa home), more science in ingredient formulations (like S’eau Prima’s new product that contains hypochlorous acid, a molecule found in white blood cells that activates the immune system’s ability to heal itself), and biotech formulations that are far more effective than natural extracts. The beauty and wellness industries have the opportunity to change the way consumers view synthetic ingredients by using science and technology to secure supply chains and pave the way for innovations.

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