Aired Wednesday, April 12, 10-11AM ET

Adaptive Lifestyle: Vision Impairment & Wellness With Special Guest Aron O’Dowd

The Global Wellness Summit’s “The Doctor is INclusive” webinar series, hosted by Nicola Finley, MD, puts words into action in this critical conversation around the lack of diversity and inclusion in the health and wellness sector. Dr. Finley welcomes special guest Aron O’Dowd to discuss his incredible journey as a partially sighted person, elite athlete and Reiki practitioner who loves a challenge. They highlight how he has adapted to overcome obstacles as he pursues his wellness aspirations.

About Aron O’Dowd

Aron O’Dowd is a high-performance athlete, Reiki practitioner and holistic massage therapist who is also vision impaired. At a young age, Aron became vision impaired and he has not let this hold him back. Instead, he embraces the mindset of adapting and overcoming obstacles. He discovered rowing and won the British Indoor Rowing Championships in his very first race. In fact, he broke the world record and held the record for 8 years. Now, he is on to a new challenge as a triathlete. In addition to his athletic accomplishments, his curiosity led him to holistic modalities. He became qualified in Reiki and holistic massage therapy. He loves life and has many hobbies, and previously hosted a podcast called, “Partially Excited.” He lives in both Ireland and Spain.

About Dr. Nicola Finley 

Nicola Finley, MD, sits on the Global Wellness Summit board of advisors and is a board-certified internal medicine physician and adjunct faculty member at the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health at the University of Arizona. She is the Founder and Principal at Dr. Nicola, PLLC, a physician-led boutique consulting practice focusing on integrative medicine, women’s health, employee wellness and global health equity. Dr. Finley hosts this webinar series, interviewing special guests and sharing her own personal stories about inclusion—or lack thereof—in wellness.


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