Summit Trend in the News: Meditation Goes Plural

Forget mindfulness – is sophrology the key to a calm mind?Marie Claire UK
Sophrology was born in Europe and combines breathing exercises, visualization, body awareness exercises, positive psychology, meditation and physical movement to relax the mind and body and build confidence. And it’s really starting to take off.

Why you need to try popular spirituality practice, Kundalini yogaSportluxe
It dates to 1,000 BC, but modern devotees include Miranda Kerr, Alicia Keys and Kate Hudson. Intensely spiritual, the practice sequences breathwork, mantra, hand and body postures and meditations. It’s trending, perhaps, in part, because it uses many very specific meditations for personal goals—whether healing digestion or emotions.

Shaking meditation: the new mindfulness craze set to take London by stormEvening Standard
It’s called Trauma Release Exercise (TRE), or “shaking meditation,” and rather than be serene and still, it’s the practice of physically shaking off the “fight or flight” stress responses locked in our bodies.

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