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Week of April 11th, 2023

Trendwatch: How indigenous guides, tours and experiences are changing the way we travelThe Independent UK
An overview of how tour operators and tourist boards are boosting efforts to promote Indigenous communities in countries across the world, to the benefit of locals and the environment–from Canada to Costa Rica, the Pacific islands to South Dakota. Increasingly they involve staying overnight with, and being guided by, indigenous people who are experts on their land, wildlife and folklore.

Indigenous tourism: The importance of the growing travel trend– Shondaland
Access to Indigenous heritage through eye-opening travel experiences across North America — from jetting across the Snake River through the Nimíipuu homeland between Idaho and Washington state with Nez Perce Tourism to being fully immersed in Haida heritage at Haida House on the banks of the Tlell River in British Columbia, Canada — is surging in popularity and becoming a vital moneymaker for these communities. When supported and owned by native peoples, respectful Indigenous tourism allows for communities to reclaim and revitalize their traditions.

How Australia’s historic landback efforts are reshaping travel–on a global scale– Conde Nast Traveler
The return of land to Indigenous communities is a major movement in Australia, and it’s allowing Indigenous peoples to take back and tell their own stories, making for a much deeper travel experience. This travel writer explains the scope and impact of the movement, how it dramatically changes the travel space, and how many of the most profound travel experiences she’s ever had have been led by First Nations people operating on their ancestral lands.

Decolonizing psychedelics through inclusive retreats and practices– Vice
Just below the surface of the psychedelic mainstream, a peer-supported and indigenous care network trawls the globe like mycelium. These practitioners call some current medical/Big Pharma approaches to psychedelics appropriation, erasing the traditions from which they descended. For many, psychedelics never went anywhere, and advocates aim to preserve access and pass down the knowledge. Indigenous psychedelic traditions are alive and well—not just in these cultures but in the Global Northern underground

Native California, a just-launched online platform, connects travelers to the state’s indigenous heritage, and it’s a treasure trove of 500 experiences and attractions– Conde Nast Traveler
Visit Native California is an online hub from the state’s tourism bureau that launched in March, designed to help travelers and local residents plan trips to places linked to the original occupants of the area–from publicly accessible Pow Wows to Indigenous experiences at state parks to dugout redwood canoe tours on the Klamath River with Yurok guides.

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