TREND: The Wealth Divide is Widening: Super-Expensive Wellness is on the Rise

Week of September 7th, 2022

Ultra-rich fueling sales of luxury brands despite inflation and recession fearsCNBC
A couple of weeks ago, companies that cater to the ultra-rich, such as LVMH (Dior, Louis Vuitton, etc.), Ferrari, Capri, etc. are all reporting super-strong first-half 2022 sales and hiking profit forecasts, while companies like the Gap and Walmart are suffering. Delta airlines reports that business class is doing better than economy. Analysts note that “symbols of power still matter within tribes of the rich” and these consumers are less guilty about spending in this downturn than they were in the 2008 recession.

Intimate luxury (High-end brands are taking exclusivity to the next level for their top customers, offering them private spa cruises and wellness retreat tours)JWT Intelligence
With the wealthy now spending more on wellness, beauty and uber-luxury experiences, brands like Dior and Nobu Hotels are giving their top customers super-exclusive wellness experiences, such as Dior launching private spa cruises in Paris for their best customers or Nobu Hotels offering theirs a private jet experience toRyokan Retreats in Malibu and Palo Alto. JWT Intelligence call this the rise of “intimate luxury: VIP experiences exclusively reserved for a luxury brand’s highest-spending customers. 

NYC’s most expensive hotel is now Aman New York. The most reliable way into the urban wellness resort is a club membership that costs $200,000. Here’s an exclusive peek inside—it may be the only chance you getBloomberg
A detailed look inside the new Aman NYC, with its three-story spa and wellness center, subterranean jazz club, and functional medical practice that uses an array of machines to measure inflammation and stress levels before prescribing such things as intravenous peptide boosts and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The club membership of $200,000 is not designed to bring in locals, but to keep enough people out that the vibe remains exclusive and private.” 

From IV Drips to MRIs (It’s not just the spa anymore. Luxury hotels have upgraded their wellness offerings to include in-room sleep training, stem-cell therapies, on-site psychologists)The Wall Street Journal
Explores how luxury hotels and wellness resorts are coming up with an endless supply of next-level treatments, and many that are medical or high-tech, which command much higher prices than massages and facials–whether IV drips, ozone therapy or “mitochondrial training”–even stem-cell therapy treatments that cost $12,000.

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