TREND: Menopause Retreats

Week of October 19th, 2022

The rise of the menopause vacationThe Wall Street Journal 
Provides a good overview of the trend, looking at a number of resorts, wellness destinations, and individual practitioners rolling out menopause retreatsand the diverse approaches their programs consist of. Interviews doctors on the evidence for what can help from the wellness space (stress reduction, education, some nutritional changes, exercise, community) and some that are evidence-challenged (supplements for hot flashes, etc.).  

Once a taboo topic, menopause is (finally) having its wellness momentVogue
Explores how a host of new female-founded brands–from product companies to wellness retreats–are launching to support women experiencing perimenopause and menopause. There are new digital health platforms such as Elektra Health, offering virtual one-on-one menopause care with accredited providers and counselors known as “menopause doulas,” and a flurry of menopause-focused skincare and wellness products.  

Everyone’s talking about menopause: Once a taboo subject, it it’s suddenly a hot topic, and spas can offer a safe space for women to learn about this phase of lifeSpa Business
This article interviews wellness experts and travel destinations on why destination spas and wellness retreats can be such productive places to learn about how to manage menopause. And it looks at what various retreats are doing, from Sophie Benge’s “Art of Being She” workshops/retreats to the medical-wellness approaches at RAKxa in Bangkok. 

The ten latest wellness travel trends:  Menopause RoadmapsConde Nast Traveller
Traveller’s 10 latest wellness trends (for Fall, 2022) includes the rise of “menopause roadmaps,” more medical-wellness destinations offering individualized, multi-layered approaches for menopause. Looks at how these new retreats provide anuanced blend of medical diagnostics, complementary hard hitters (herbalism, acupuncture) and road maps for the hormone/not hormone route.”  

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