Why Breathing is Suddenly so Hip – Episode #47 with NYT best-selling author James Nestor

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We’re diving deep into the GWS 2021 Trend “Just Breath” and talking to the New York Times best-selling author James Nestor. James exploded on the scene in 2020 with his book Breath at a time when our ability to take a breath was a respiratory pandemic and a social justice movement.

What now could we possibly ask this rock star author who has been interviewed everywhere from CBS This Morning to NPR’s Fresh Air; published a book in over 30 languages; and lectured at Harvard, Yale and Stanford?

Breath is an involuntary action we do approximately 25,000 times a day and take for granted. However, our conversation with James is from the perspective of a wellness believer. We talked about everything from nasal erectile tissue to the true origins of yoga. Plus, you’ll get tips and takeaways that will turn out to be your favorite Cliff Notes from one of the hottest books of the year.

The episode ends with a “how-to” from corporate breath worker Sandy Abrams, who wrote Breath to Succeed in 2019. Sandy teaches corporations how breathwork can help them lead better and function at their optimum.


Hosted by Kim Marshall     |   Produced by Crate Media

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