Summit Trend in the News: Meditation Goes Plural

New Music-Focused Wellness App Wave Is Peak MeditationThe Observer
The new app Wave is forgoing waterfalls for a diverse music mix that’s used with a vibrating bolster. As their founder puts it, “We’re fusing beats with breathing techniques and vibrations in the cushion to create a new experience better suited to millennial consumers…”

This App Uses AI and ASMR to Create Personalized MeditationsBusiness Insider
The new meditation app Mindwell uses music and frequencies—combining isochronic tones, solfeggio frequencies, and spoken guidance—to create 350 meditation tracks designed to immediately “shift your mood,” whether you’re having an anxiety crisis or need to focus.

Meditation Apps Want to Calm You Down on the Same Device that Stresses You OutPopular Science
This article ponders the whole “Zen in your pocket” phenom, testing out some big players. It takes a special look and liking to Journey Live, a new app that delivers 15-minute live classes with young instructors throughout the day—Peleton-style.

Tap In: A Group Meditation App Bringing People Together in CyberspaceDesign Week
The new app Tap In broadcasts a live meditation every day and looks to create a “raw experience” that helps people “connect as a community” of meditators—to re-introduce a sense of simplicity and human-ness to the phone-based practice.

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