Summit Trend in the News: J-Wellness

Has Japan dodged the COVID-19 bullet?Channel News Asia

Though there is no clear evidence for the low death rate in Japan, experts suggest it could be the Japanese culture that has helped: “Mask-wearing, removing shoes, bowing not shaking hands, low obesity levels, and even consuming certain foods have all been advanced as possible cultural reasons for the puzzlingly slow spread.”

Is Japan the World’s Next Wellness Destination?Travel Market Report

Before COVID-19, Japan was gearing up for a slew of visitors thanks to the Olympics. For now, these wellness destinations—from extraordinary hot springs culture to forest bathing—will need to set their sights on ramping up local tourism.

Need to Relax? These Japanese Spas Now Offer Virtual Hot Spring BathsRobb Report

A group of ryokan (Japanese Inn) owners in the town of Arima, Japan, are uploading VR footage of their hot-spring baths to YouTube, showing off their remarkable establishments while helping the rest of the world find a little peace.

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