Summit Trend in the News: Nutrition Gets Very Personalized

Diet for One? Scientists Stalk the Dream of Personalized Nutrition – The New York Times
No single food regimen works for everyone, and a new study called Predict is the world’s largest experiment in how individuals respond to food. The early results documented, for the first time, surprising variations in how well participants processed fats and carbohydrates. Even among identical twins, genes only accounted for half of an individual’s post-meal blood glucose levels— and less than 30 percent of insulin and triglyceride responses. The more important factors in how our bodies metabolize food are environmental: sleep, stress, exercise and the population of our unique gut microbiome.

Is the Microbiome About To Change Medicine for Good?Israel21c
Israeli microbiome research will help in diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions, as the country is at the global forefront of microbiome research and entrepreneurship. Two key start-ups: DayTwo of Tel Aviv and San Francisco (which uses microbiome analysis to personalize nutrition) and BiomX of Ness Ziona (which uses phage therapy, or viruses called bacteriophages that infect and destroy bacteria). The latter approach is based on Weizmann Institute and MIT research suggesting phage “cocktails” could target specific harmful bacteria without disturbing other microbiome residents as antibiotics do.

The Great Debate: Lab Tests Versus Artificial Intelligence For Personalized Nutrition Forbes
A big debate is taking shape in the personalized nutrition market. What is the best way to truly personalize nutrition recommendations? Is it better to spit or get a finger prick to mail in your DNA for a complete nutritional analysis, or can the same results be achieved through artificial intelligence—derived from responses from an in-depth questionnaire? As more companies enter the personalized nutrition market, it is important to explore this question in greater detail, especially as it relates to technology.

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