Summit Trend in the News: Organized Religion Jumps into Wellness

Renewed faith: Finding solace in spirituality (during Coronavirus) – Wunderman Thompson
COVID-19 has closed churches, mosques and temples worldwide, but it’s certainly not stopped people from seeking solace in prayer and meditation. Looks at the data on how more people are praying more; how religious leaders are getting into public health; how churches are “streaming faith” during COVID-19, including prayer as meditation; and how spiritual wellness beyond religion is also surging.

Faith & Fitness: You see so many announcements about churches combining faith and wellness. Churches in Florida offer everything from “Crossfit Savior” to “Holy Yoga” classes. Synagogues are melding strength training and worship service and offering “Torah Yoga.” More churches are building full-blown wellness centers, offering everything from dance to boxing classes to the whole community.

What is the state and role of faith in the Coronavirus crisis? Is the wellness movement a modern “faith”? – Global Wellness Institute, Q&A with Martin Palmer
The GWI interviewed Martin Palmer, a renowned thinker on the role of spirituality in human culture and president of FaithInvest, on what the COVID-19 crisis teaches us about the positive role of faith in human lives and what we lose in a world without faith. He also discusses how the future is new “faith narratives” beyond the old traditions, positing that the wellness movement is, in many ways, “a new faith.”

‘Radical’ pace of modern life is fuelling disease, Pope warnsTelegraph
Back in 2018, the Pope addressed the uptick in chronic diseases by highlighting the dangers of modern vices, such as smoking, alcohol and environmental toxins. Speaking at the Vatican, he advocated for preventative lifestyle changes, including physical activity, proper diet, and “respect for the ‘health codes’ practiced by the various religions.”

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