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International Business Leader and Founder of OCTAVE Institute Fred Tsao to Keynote at Global Wellness Summit

Tsao to detail how, in a new era focused on wellbeing, businesses must embrace this paradigm shift and adopt the idea of Quantum Leadership

Miami, FL – July 22, 2019 –
The Global Wellness Summit (GWS), the foremost gathering of international leaders in the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy, today announced that Frederick Chavalit (Fred) Tsao will keynote at the 13th annual Summit being held October 15–17 in Hong Kong. Tsao, fourth-generation leader of IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group, is a visionary businessman, who, as chairman, transformed the family business from a traditional shipping company to a diverse, multinational conglomerate. More recently, his passion for holistic wellness led to his creation of OCTAVE Institute, a lifestyle platform of curated wellbeing that includes the extraordinary new SANGHA Retreat in Suzhou, China. This month, his book Quantum Leadership: New Consciousness in Business will be published by Stanford University Press.

A speaker at high-profile conferences around the world, his Summit keynote will explore the connection between business and human wellbeing, offering a pathway for uniting Quantum Leadership and Quantum Wellness to achieve much more successful and sustainable businesses.

“Tsao is that rare combination of an incredibly successful businessman, passionate wellness pioneer and advocate, and deep spiritual thinker,” noted Nancy Davis, chief creative officer and executive director of the GWS. “A thought-leader in the emerging philosophy of Quantum Leadership, delegates will learn much from him about how the thriving, profitable businesses of the future will shift their consciousness to better serve human wellbeing and the needs of society.”

More about Tsao, SANGHA Retreat and his new book

For 25 years, Tsao has been on a journey that has taken him all over the world in search of the most impactful life sciences, medical approaches, and philosophies and practices spanning both traditional and nontraditional cultures, customs, faiths and societies. This odyssey led to the development of an integrative methodology to achieve Quantum Wellness—and the founding of OCTAVE Institute, which is comprised of the state-of-the-art AT ONE Clinic, AT ONE Healing Spa, AITIA, THE LIVING ROOM, the annual AT ONE International Festival and the new SANGHA Retreat.

His newest and most ambitious project, SANGHA Retreat, is a radically immersive health and wellbeing resort located in Suzhou, China, home of UNESCO World Heritage sites. The 47-acre lakeside village takes a global view toward transformative wellbeing, blending Eastern philosophies with Western science. It begins with a comprehensive medical assessment by an international team of doctors who create a customized program of nutritionally balanced meals, healing treatments, exercise and activities, plus follow-up support for lasting lifestyle changes. For guests, it’s all about awakening consciousness and focusing on what matters, providing an important new model of a modern wellness community.

Tsao’s new book Quantum Leadership: New Consciousness in Business, written with Chris Laszlo, explores the current high levels of employee disengagement and customer fickleness; why current approaches to leadership fail to produce positive outcomes for businesses and the communities they serve; and how to achieve creativity and collaboration at all levels of entrepreneurial activity.

“We know when we are well, and we are only well when all is well. This means that our family, friends, community, business, society and environment must be well for us to feel wholly well,” explained Tsao.

“We are entering an era with a new paradigm. This is the paradigm of Quantum Leadership, where all people must become the CEO of their own life. We need to take responsibility for our holistic wellbeing and for a purposeful life, mindfully lived.”

The Summit takes place at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong from October 15–17, 2019. With a 2019 theme of “Shaping the Business of Wellness,” the conference will feature dozens of speakers on emerging business and wellness trends.

The GWS is always a sold-out event—apply to attend.

About the Global Wellness Summit: The Global Wellness Summit is an invitation-only international gathering that brings together industry leaders and visionaries to shape the business of wellness and the future of the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy. The gathering is held annually in different locations across the globe and has taken place in the US, Switzerland, Turkey, Bali, India, Morocco, Mexico, Austria and Italy. The 13th annual Summit will be held at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong from October 15–17, 2019.    

About SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute: SANGHA Retreat is part of OCTAVE Institute, a platform to help people find clarity, harmony and a new level of consciousness and freedom. It is comprised of SANGHA Retreat, the VILLAGE and AITIA in Suzhou; and THE LIVING ROOM, an urban support center in Shanghai. SANGHA Retreat is an innovative, fully-immersive health and wellness retreat that combines the best of Eastern wisdom and Western science. The VILLAGE is a live-work-learn community for personal and communal learning, executive retreats, conferences, summits and festivals, including the AT ONE International Festival. AITIA powers the communal programs at OCTAVE Institute. Together, they create the foundation for growth toward a purposeful life, mindfully lived.

Located west of Shanghai on the outskirts of Suzhou, China, SANGHA Retreat combines Eastern philosophies backed by Western science to help people awaken to a life of greater purpose and personal wellbeing. With a focus on raising consciousness, it has been created for the need of our time by visionary Fred Tsao, fourth-generation shipping magnate and family business steward. The 47-acre retreat, designed by Tsao & McKown, includes AT ONE guest suites; AT ONE Clinic, offering comprehensive wellness assessments and wellbeing programs; AT ONE Healing Spa with extensive spa treatment menu and hydrotherapy circuit; THOUGHT FOR FOOD restaurant; the Meditation Dome; and a seasonal schedule of fitness activities and mindfulness classes designed around the body’s circadian rhythm.



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