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2015 Global Wellness Summit Offers Unprecedented
Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

Summit is unique among conferences in helping attendees build new business relationships and strategize together


Miami, FL – October 12, 2015 – The Global Wellness Summit (GWS), which brings together international leaders to positively shape the future of the wellness industry November 13-15 at The St. Regis Mexico City, recently announced some of its high-profile keynotes, ranging from Dr. Deepak Chopra to future-focused global economist, Thierry Malleret.

The Global Wellness Summit serves every sector of the wellness industry, and this year focuses on spa, education and tourism, as well as beauty, fitness, nutrition, finance, environment, medicine, architecture, workplace wellness, wellness communities and technology.

But what makes the Summit unique among industry conferences is the activities that happen beyond the main stage presentations: the unparalleled number of platforms designed to drive industry collaboration and problem-solving, forging new business relationships among its wellness-focused delegates.

In 2015, these include:

Pre- and Post-Summit Activities: Events encouraging discovery of the incredible culture and wellness traditions in Mexico, while fostering one-on-one connections between fellow delegates before the Summit kicks off and after it ends.

“Ask the Expert” Interactive Lunches: Small roundtable discussions held each day with over 60 diverse experts offer opportunities for delegates to get up close and personal with the thinkers most relevant to them.

Invite-Only, Sector-Specific Sessions: This year (for the first time) invite-only, “closed door” boardroom lunches and sessions will bring together global colleagues for frank discussions on the issues facing their sector’s future – from meetings for leaders in the destination spa industry, corporate spa directors, to governments’ Ministers in Tourism and Health. Economist Thierry Malleret will also host an invite-only “Wellness Economics” session for Ambassadors of the Global Wellness Institute™.

“Conversation-Starter” Panels:  Collaborative panel discussions among experts will focus on critical topics, such as:

How to Attract Investment in Wellness-Driven Companies, Products & Experiences” and “What Sells Investors in the Tech-Driven Spa or Wellness Space?” will both feature heavyweights from the investment world, as well as those who have successfully raised a great deal of money.

A “Trend Jam” will take the pulse on innovations happening across sectors like spa, beauty, fitness, architecture, the workplace and more.

A power panel moderated by Giselle Fernandez on “Who is Responsible for the Wellness of the World?” will include Dr. Deepak Chopra, Agapi Stassinopoulos, Thierry Malleret, Nerio Alessandri, Gina Diez Barroso and Martin Boudreau.

Clinical Wellness: How the Medical World and the Wellness World Are Beginning to Work Together. Or Are They?”Panel moderated by Scientific American’s Jeremy Abbate will bring together doctors from institutions like the Mayo Clinic and Duke Integrative Medicine to debate this important issue.

Year-Long Initiatives Culminating in Industry- and Issue-Specific Forums:

Each year the non-profit Global Wellness Institute shepherds a variety of Institute Initiatives, many of which appear on the Summit agenda as breakout discussion forums open to all attendees. The new ideas generated in these forums result in platforms for the coming year. Past examples include Global Wellness Day, Wellness for Cancer and “Wellness Warriors”, each of which subsequently became vibrant, collaborative non-profits. In 2015, forums will revolve around topics such as:

“Is It Time to Rethink the Conversation about Diet, Weight Loss and Nutrition?”

“Idea-Exchange: Innovation in Workplace Wellness”

“Galvanizing Career Development, Mentorship and Internship Programs”

“The Business of Hot Springs and Why They Are So Hot!”

“Wellness Communities on the Rise: How Should We Measure and Attract Investment?”

“Calling All Consultants: What Can We Accomplish Together That We Can Not Do Alone?”

“Is It Time for Ministers of Wellness?”

Country Briefing Papers: Each delegate has the opportunity to contribute a briefing paper showcasing what’s unfolding in the wellness industry in their nation. These can be individual or collaborative efforts (between delegates from the same country).

Casual Conversation Q & A:  A variety of opportunities for casual lounge conversations with Futurist Edie Weiner from The Future Hunters.

“Parade of Delegates”: During breaks and before and after sessions, multimedia screens will showcase every delegate (their photo and topline information), to assure that all are known.

Mindfulness Sessions: Group session offered each day by Felix Lopez, author of Mindfulness: The Alchemy of Now.

Evening Galas: The Summit is known for its themed galas, and in 2015 delegates will experience extraordinary dining and entertainment at Mexico City’s brand new Design and Film School, CENTRO, as well as at the famous Palacio de Bellas Artes.

“This year’s Summit was designed with ‘collaboration’ and ‘networking’ at its core, and it’s this unique programming that has attracted a record number of first-time registrants in 2015,” said Susie Ellis, Chairman & CEO, Global Wellness Summit. “Unlike a conference where you passively learn, or a trade show where you’re ‘being sold’, the Summit is all about face-to-face collaboration, strategy-sharing and problem-solving…something all too rare in today’s wired world.”

“I do more business as a result of the Summit than from any other trade show or event we participate in,” said Sammy Gharieni, CEO & Founder, Gharieni Group, a leading global manufacturer of spa and medical equipment. “Industry leaders that have not attended a Summit can’t really appreciate how immersive, intensive and intimate it is.”

This year’s inclusive theme “Building a Well World” will attract attendees from over 40 countries who will together explore the biggest opportunities unfolding within the $3.4 trillion wellness industry.

The full agenda can be found here. The Summit is an exclusive gathering for senior executives and industry leaders; for information about attending click here.  Delegates can also register for special pre-and-post Summit tours of spa and wellness locations in Mexico here.

About the Global Wellness Summit: The Global Wellness Summit (GWS) is an invitation-only international gathering that brings together leaders and visionaries to positively shape the future of the $3.4 trillion global wellness industry. Held in a different location each year, the Summit attracts delegates from over 40 countries. Previous Summits have taken place in the U.S., Switzerland, Turkey, Bali, India and Morocco.



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