DEBUNKING IMMUNE BOOSTING – Episode #44 on why we should strive for immune balance

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Dr. Ken Pelletier is a Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, and he’s on a mission to debunk the notion of immune boosting. He tells us why we should all be striving for immune balance instead. 

We get into all things immunity, from our metabolic health, to our epigenetic profiles and gut microbiomes. We even touch on how immune balancing can impact our telomeres or help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s. Perhaps most important, we discuss the most effective ways to self-immunize yourself using proven wellness practices, so that you’ll be best armed to take on the world post-COVID. 

Continuing our exploration of how to encourage strong immune systems, we’re then joined by Charles Davidson, CEO of Peninsula Hot Springs in Mornington, Australia, and David Dronet, Owner of The Springs Resort and Spa in Colorado. Charles is the chairman of the Global Wellness Summit’s Hot Springs Initiative, and David is one of its newest members.

We explore how they first discovered the power of hot springs and the many natural benefits that they provide, such as relaxation, mineral properties, and even hydrothermal therapy. We also discuss their work with World Bathing Day and Soakember, designed to assist Charles’ mission of knowledge sharing and collective learning.


Hosted by Kim Marshall     |   Produced by Crate Media

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