Summit Trend in the News: Prescribing Nature

The One Thing Millennials Haven’t Killed Is HouseplantsBloomberg
Record demand for Instagram-ready flora has sent “plant parents” scouring the web for fiddle-leaf figs. With millennials delaying parenthood, plants are the new pets, and they’re meeting the yearning among young generations to reconnect with nature.

Millennials love plants so much they’re convincing tech companies to replace office artwork with “living walls”Business Insider
Tech companies—whether Apple or China’s Tencent—are increasingly installing greenery, particularly living walls, throughout offices and retail spaces—and it’s driven by plant-mad millennials.

One industry millennials aren’t killing: Camping Curbed
A recent report on the North American camping industry reveals it’s never been hotter, and it’s driving a boom in glamping and camper van sales. And millennials are leading this march to nature, making up 41 percent of all campers. (Note: This is a trend rising globally—from Europe to China.)

Fitness: Outdoor gyms aren’t just for bodybuilders anymoreMontreal Gazette
Outdoor gyms aren’t new. California’s Muscle Beach, the world’s most famous outdoor gym, was established in the 1930s and attracted bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. But outdoor gyms are trending again, and now they’re designed for the average Joe or Jill looking for a gym with a blue sky instead of fluorescent lighting and the sounds of nature versus the clatter of rolling treadmills.

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