TREND: Getting our “Clean Air Act” Together

Wellness Industry Takes Up Fight Against Pollution

The news about toxic air wreaking havoc on our health – not just in highly populated cities, but also as an invisible killer within the walls of our homes and offices – is everywhere. This “invisible killer” needs to be brought under control by every means at our disposal. And the fight for clean air is leading to innovations across the world:

Anti-pollution skin care regimes: Urbanites are the most at risk of expedited aging from the fine particulate matter found in air pollutants and there are many products coming to the rescue – running the gamut of affordable to high-end.

Back to the future: Salt…One combatant in the fight against air pollution damage comes in the form of a very old tradition – basking in natural salt caves and inhaling salt (halotherapy). Spas are recreating the natural salt cave microclimate using technology that infuses pure salt and negative ions into the air and home salt-inhalation devices are also on the rise.

Action through art: In Norway, an art installation in 2017 called “Pollution Pods” (featured above) captured the unique scents of the world’s most polluted cities, including London, New Delhi, Sao Paulo and Beijing, forcing guests to experience what millions endure every day because of the human impact on the atmosphere.

Well buildings and homes: In the past, buildings with poor ventilation and air filtration have actually made us sick. A key aim of today’s modern architecture is to design and build structures that not only keep us healthy and well, but are also sustainable, efficient and long lasting.

Forecasting The Future

New research shows that if emissions continue at present levels, that the average world citizen forty years from now will experience the same deadly air quality that East Asian people experience today. People’s concerns about the air they breathe will impact many of their future lifestyle decisions, and we predict that “solving” for pollution will rewrite almost every wellness sector – from healthy architecture and design to next-generation beauty – all of which will be key topics at the 2018 Global Wellness Summit.

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