Betsy’s intro….

  • “The 2020 Summit was THE BEST conference I have attended!”
  • “As a writer, I feel at a loss for words to express the extraordinary experience of attending the GWS 2020.”
  • “The speakers were fascinating and engaging – and really helped provide valuable insight and direction.”
  • “The GWS delivered an impactful, inclusive and cohesive experience.”
  • “Fantastic speakers and information. Hugely grateful!”
  • “The Summit can be a catalyst to thinking differently about the challenges in healthcare today.”
  • “A treasure trove of insight from leaders in the wellness space.”
  • “It is constantly inspirational.”
  • “Worth every penny and moment of time invested. A FIRST CLASS event.”
  • “The place to be if you want to deeply understand wellness trends.”
  • “The connections you make with people are unmatched.”
  • “Attending the 2020 Global Wellness Summit as a virtual attendee was a joy and a privilege.”
  • “I loved every minute and can’t wait for GWS 2021!”
  • “I felt the excitement and community in every interview, speech and session.”
  • “The Global Wellness Summit is a must-do event on your annual calendar.”
  • “It is the ultimate fusion of expertise, practice and future.”
  • “A complete brain changer!”
  • “The Global Wellness Summit is easily one of the best events I’ve attended.”
  • “If wellness is on your radar, the Global Wellness Summit will bring it into laser focus.”
  • “Do not miss out this incredible wellness opportunity.”
  • “Do it! The information, networking, are outstanding.”
  • “GWS is inventing the future of wellness.”

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