GWS Podcast Episode 36 Judgement-Free Fitness & Changing the Mental Health Conversation – with Victor & Lynne Brick from Planet Fitness

Today we want to share a love story about two college sweethearts: she was a dancer with buns of steel who became a shock trauma nurse, he was an energetic guy with a master’s in exercise physiology who worked as a PE instructor. And now, after 42 years of combining love and business, Victor and Lynn Brick are two of the most successful people in the fitness industry.

You’ll hear why the democratization of wellness and judgment-free fitness for people of all abilities — including disabilities — is so important to them, how that brought them to Planet Fitness, and why they define themselves as being in the business of changing people’s lives.

We also talk about the importance of mental health, the huge impact that 2020 has had on people’s mental health, and how they’re trying to change the way people think of mental health. You can support their efforts by donating to John W Brick Foundation.

This is an honest discussion about real lives and real people, and it’s something that a lot of people in the business of wellness really need to hear.


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