What’s on the 2023 GWS Agenda?
The Intersection of Sports,
Hospitality & Wellness

International business and thought leaders will gather at the 17th annual Global Wellness Summit in Doha, Qatar on November 6-9 to address the most pressing global issues facing our industry and emerging opportunities powered by the wellness economy.

Susie Ellis, chair and CEO of GWS, will lead a conversation with group of innovative thinkers shaping this nascent industry opportunity, including:

Philippe Zuber, CEO of Kerzner International, who recently launched the new SIRO Hotel brand starting with Dubai’s first fully integrated fitness & recovery hotel, innovating the hospitality space with new sport and wellbeing journeys

Andy Preece, director of Buro Happold Sport & Entertainment Advisory Group, who shares predictions for the future based on his over 34 years as a a management consultant in the sport, tourism and events sectors

Jonathan Leary, founder & CEO of Remedy Place and renowned expert in sports medicine, whose focus on recovery in a social club setting is changing the way we think about “getting together”

Patricia Ladis, PT, CBBA, founder of WiseBody PT, a physical therapist working with elite athletes with insights on how the world of competitive athletics might shape the future of the general wellness space

Ramla Ali, a British-Somali professional boxer who was named one of TIME Magazine’s 2023 Women of the Year, sharing her inspirational journey and choice to serve as an ambassador to SIRO

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Gain Insights & Learn How Trends Impact Your Business
Wellness Master Class with Susie Ellis

The Wellness Master Class on “New Opportunities at the Intersection of Wellness, Sports & Hospitality” lluminates how this trend is gaining momentum, and why it will be prominently on the Agenda at the 2023 Summit in Qatar this November. Watch this and learn how this shift might impact your business and investments.

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