On the Symposium Agenda…
The Future of Healthy Buildings


Included in the over 30 talks and panels on the agenda at the 3rd annual Wellness Real Estate & Communities Symposium next week, top global leaders will discuss the future of design as new technologies emerge and the power of multi-sensory experiences is understood through evidence-based research. Join us in NYC on May 14, 8AM-6PM, or register as a virtual attendee and watch live with your virtual hosts or later, on demand. View the full agenda here and view a selection of talks on this topic below.

“Sunbridge Master Plan Community and Why Nature Matters”
Clint Beaty, Senior Vice President, Tavistock Development Company; United States

“Neuroarchitecture: An Old Brain in a New Environment”
Anjan Chatterjee, MD, Professor of Neurology, Psychology, and Architecture, University of Pennsylvania; Director, Penn Center for Neuroaesthetics; United States

“Putting Humanity Center Stage in Real Estate Development”
Andressa Gulin, MD, Director of Strategy and Innovation, AG7; Brazil

“Spatial Therapy: Sensory Design & Research Insights for Wellness”
Ari Peralta, Neuroscientist, Sensory Designer & Founder, Arigami; United Kingdom

“Wellness at the Heart of SHoP Architects”
Christopher Sharples, Founding Principal, SHoP Architects; United States

“Art, Experience and Real Estate”
Brett Phares, Artist, Curator; Founder, aweStruct; United States

“Retail Reimagined: Biophilic Design as a Catalyst for Health & Prosperity”
Jennifer Walsh, Founder, Walk with Walsh & Lost Art of Being Human; United States


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