Trend: It’s All Ozempic, But Research on Transforming White Fat to Brown for Weight Loss Sees Momentum

Week of Oct 11th, 2023

UCLA discovers weight loss game-changer: stimulating brown fat to fight obesitySciTechDaily

NIH-funded research out of UCLA this week is the first to identify the nerve pathways to brown adipose tissue (BAT) and to provide examples of how manipulating it can change BAT activity. It represents a first step in exploring how to use nerve pathways to create very specific stimuli to activate brown fat, and coax it into producing a constant source of fat-burning heat.

Beige is the new black: Cornell researchers unlock a secret to age-defying weight managementSciTechDaily

Cornell researchers have found that stimulating beige fat cell production may prevent age-related weight gain. Beige fat cells, a subtype of white fat tissue, share thermogenic properties with brown fat tissue, helping reduce harmful blood sugar and fatty acids. As people age, the response to cold temperatures, which stimulates beige fat production, weakens. But by suppressing a specific signaling pathway, beige fat production was increased in older mice, potentially offering a therapeutic approach for humans.

Unlocking the secrets of brown fatMedscape

Brown fat acts as a “nutrient sink,” consuming glucose and lactate, among other specific metabolites, reveals new research from UMass Chan Medical School. The lead researcher discusses how knowing which exact nutrients brown fat prefers to use to make heat could identify strategies to activate brown fat, and thereby help tackle obesity.

Early morning cold is more effective at activating brown fat for men, though not for womenMedical News Today

According to a new study, early morning exposure to cold is more effective at activating brown fat for men, though, surprisingly, not for women, who begin shivering at lower temperatures than men. The researchers speculate as to why.

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