7 Oded Rahav — A Jordanian, Palestinian & Israeli Walk Into the Dead Sea… to Try to Save the Planet

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When it comes to standing up for our environment, some people go to great lengths – literally. Our guest on this episode of Global Wellness Conversations is one such extraordinary individual – Oded Rahav, a long-distance swimmer and a tireless environmental activist whose passion for the planet transcends borders.

A fervent advocate for environmental conservation, Oded’s sense of responsibility towards past and future generations is the driving force behind his impactful initiatives. His dedication and energetic efforts are aimed at not just preserving the world for ourselves, but ensuring a healthier planet for those yet to come.

One of Oded’s most remarkable projects is his role as the founder of Dead Sea Guardians, a nonprofit organization devoted to preventing the further shrinkage and eventual disappearance of the Dead Sea, due largely to climate change. The inspiration behind this initiative was born out of his profound connection with the serene beauty of this unique body of water, which led him to swim across the Dead Sea – a dangerous, seven-hour endeavor – to draw attention to its plight, largely due to climate change

While the physical and logistical demands of this mission were immense, the event itself served as a powerful symbol of unity. Assembling 28 swimmers from nine different countries, led by an unlikely union of three swimmers from Israel, Palestine and Jordan,  Oded showcased water as a borderless entity, connecting people from various backgrounds in a shared cause. Beyond the borders of the Middle East, Oded’s advocacy extends to global environmental issues. He has swum from Imperial Beach, California, to Tijuana, Mexico, in partnership with the NGO Colibri, to raise awareness about migrants attempting to cross the US-Mexico border. 

The Hebrew philosophy of Tikkun Olam – the responsibility each of us holds for repairing the world – is the driving force behind his environmental campaigns. Oded firmly believes that every individual should give back to the Earth more than they take.

An advocate of action over preaching, he leads by example, having planted approximately 5000 trees to date. He holds a staunch view that the human ego, with its sense of entitlement, is at the root of environmental degradation. But he remains hopeful, believing that through a combination of technology, education, and legislation, the environmental challenges we face can be overcome.

At the end of his presentation at Global Wellness Summit Tel Aviv in 2022, Oded said “We’re all in the business of creating hope… and that’s something worth living for.” But what does activism about climate change have to do with business you might ask?  Turns out just about everything.  in fact global giant Zurich insurance recently stated that “climate risks should be considered core business risks and their mitigation part of a regularly updated business strategy.”

Since the swim, the dead sea project Oded started has evolved into a multinational community of geopolitical strategists, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists & more who decided to jointly act for the sake of the dead sea.  if you would like to see how you can Oded save this historic geographic wonder, visit deadseaguardians.org

To learn more, visit Oded Rahav’s site at DeadSeaGuardians.org.  


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