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Global Wellness News™ | May 23rd, 2024

Hims Debuts $199 Weight-Loss Shots at 85% Discount to Wegovy | Bloomberg

Firm says treatment offers same active ingredient as GLP-1s

Connected fitness is adrift post-pandemic | TechCrunch

Peloton, Tonal, Mirror and others are struggling to make connected fitness work in the post-pandemic world.

Fay Raises $25M for Healthcare-Covered Dietitian Service

Dietitians are becoming more accessible than ever for Americans as platforms like Fay match people with RDs covered by their insurance.

Superpower Raises $4M Pre-Seed to Launch Preventative Healthcare Platform

Superpower, a healthcare platform that makes it easy for people to access personalized, preventative, and longevity-focused medicine, announced today

From $1B to broke: How private equity killed Beautycounter, the beloved clean beauty brand

After selling to the Carlyle Group, the brand went from $1 billion to broke. Inside its rise and fall-and possible rise again.

Kabata Adds $5M for AI-Powered Dumbbells

Kabata is loading up ahead of launch.

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