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Global Wellness News™ | March 19th, 2024

Microbiome startups respond as industry is accused of ‘questionable practices’ | TechCrunch

The biotech sector has embraced the microbiome in recent years, a green field market powered by cheap genome sequencing and venture dollars, promising

For the Under-12 Set, a Luxury Resort Is Only as Good as Its ‘Kids Club’

In a bid to attract vacationing families, resorts’ kids clubs around the world are pulling out all the stops, including language lessons, wildlife encounters and intricate scavenger huntsRead the article on WSJ >

Empathy closes $47M for AI to help with the practical and emotional bereavement process | TechCrunch

Death, as the famous saying goes, is one of the inevitable certainties of life. But that doesn’t make coping with it any easier — not least because while

The Sanctuary Group Adds €2M, Launches New Studio

The Sanctuary Group received €2M from Banque Wormser Frères.

Natural Cold Plunges Are the Latest Wellness Travel Trend-Here’s Where to Try One

There’s never been a better time to take the plunge. Here, find Vogue’s guide to the latest wellness phenomenon of cold plunges-and the best places around the globe to try it for yourself.

Healthtech startup Sugar.fit raises $5 million in funding round led by B Capital

The funds will be used to expand its technology and product offerings, boost brand presence, and accelerate research and development in diabetes management.

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