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Global Wellness News™ | January 16th, 2024

The Meme King of Longevity Now Wants to Sell You Olive Oil

Bryan Johnson, a data-obsessed Silicon Valley centimillionaire, is promoting food and supplements that promise to help people live longer. Scientists say his program is highly questionable. So why are people flocking to it?

Will a Full-Body MRI Scan Help You or Hurt You?

Dhruv Khullar writes about companies like Prenuvo and Ezra, which will use magnetic resonance imaging to reveal what’s inside you-for a price.

Why is everyone talking about longevity? A look at how biohacking became the latest travel trend

The obsession with achieving a longer, healthier life has hotels and spas offering the latest biohacks to boost your health.

Could an AI ‘death calculator’ actually be a good thing?

A new Danish algorithm exploits the fact that both language and life are sequences

This might be the year of the smart ring

Smart rings were abundant at CES 2024, including the Evie Ring, Amazfit Helio, and several other more experimental options.

Resalis Therapeutics Raises €10 Million Series A to Complete First Clinical Trial for RES-010 in Obesity

Resalis Therapeutics today announced the closing of a €10 million ($11 million) Series A financing round led by Sunstone Life Science Ventures with pa

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