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Global Wellness News™ | March 28th, 2024

Adventure Travel Is Increasingly Not Just for the Young

The average age of participants has risen over the past few years, outfitters say, thanks in part to better gear and more-accommodating trips
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What Aging Consumers Are Buying | Morgan Stanley

Learn how an older population with more buying power could lead to increased demand for health and wellness products and services to bolster the industry.

Food-as-medicine startup Chiyo helps postpartum moms with nutrition after raising $3 million | TechCrunch

Unlike other meal service providers that want you to be customers for life, Chiyo’s goal is to get you off of its program.

US Happiness Levels Hit New Lows

An anti-loneliness sector is emerging.

Age longevity clinic Modern Age shutters business

On Friday, age longevity company Modern Age announced the closure of its business after failing to secure adequate outside capital.

Press release : La Prairie builds closer ties

Company News 28.02.2024

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