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Global Wellness News™ | March 7th, 2024

$1,780 to Spend the Night in a ‘Cocoon’? Hotels Are Betting on Sleep Tourism.

A.I.-assisted beds, on-call hypnotherapists and sequestered guest rooms, including one inside a stainless steel sculpture, are taking sleep tourism to the next level.

Weight Loss Drugs Shift Spending to the ‘Wellness Wallet’

GLP-1 users are shifting their spending from unhealthy food to health products, creating a ‘Wellness Wallet’ phenomenon.

Tiny Health, Pioneer of the First At-Home Baby Gut Microbiome Test, Aims to Address the Pediatric Chronic Conditions Crisis

13M in total funding will advance gut health innovation and reduce chronic health conditions that affect nearly half of U.S. children…

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The Meditation Start-Up That’s Selling Bliss on Demand

Here come the Jhana bros.

Headspace brings meditation to Meta Quest | TechCrunch

Mindfulness and meditation apps have tremendous potential in the world of extended reality. The full immersion created by headsets like the Meta Quest and

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