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Global Wellness News™ | January 4th, 2024

Fitness Hotel SIRO Readies Dubai Debut

Fitness and recovery hospitality concept SIRO is preparing for a Feb ’24 launch.

The businesses betting on new year’s resolutions

Consumers flock to health, finance and learning companies to reach their goals. These firms are well aware – and many are seizing the moment to profit.

MIT scientists are working on a vibrating obesity pill | TechCrunch

MIT likens a new vibrating capsule to drinking a glass full of water prior to eating. Dieticians recommend the latter as a method for sending signals to

Exclusive: Forte seeds $3.3M for workplace wellbeing

Forte targets workers experiencing everyday life stresses and tumultuous life events.

Skalata backs WA hydration monitoring startup Omni Biotech in $300,000 pre-Seed round

Perth startup Omni Biotech has raised a $300,000 in pre-Seed funding from Melbourne VC Skalata Ventures to help develop its hydration monitoring platform.
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