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Global Wellness News™ | July 11th, 2024

Altman, Huffington launching AI health coach

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Arianna Huffington announced a new startup venture to create an artificial intelligence-driven health coach as an attempt to use “hyper-personalization” to better behavior…

Seeing Workplace Misery, They Offer Company

As chronic work stress climbs, entrepreneurs find opportunity in the burgeoning space of burnout coaching.

Athlete-Focused Personal Care Gains Traction

Sweat-proof skincare could be the next big market.

Gymdesk Gets $32.5M To Grow Fitness Software Platform

Gymdesk provides management software for over 2,000 gyms and studios, and has made a name for itself in martial arts.

What is somatic exercise and how can it boost your wellbeing?

Somatic exercise is gaining a lot of traction. Find out how this movement practise can encourage healing, promote wellbeing and facilitate self-awareness.

One Playground Readies Sydney Wellness Club

Aussie wellness sanctuaries are scaling up.

Oura Ring gets an AI-powered wellness advisor to help make sense of your health data

It’s an experimental, AI-powered ‘personal wellness coach’

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