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Global Wellness News™ | January 18th, 2024

CES 2024 Spotlights Preventative Health Innovations

Quantified health was a key theme of CES 2024, with companies showcasing the future of tech-enabled disease prevention.

Workplace Wellness Programs Have Little Benefit, Study Finds

An Oxford researcher measured the effect of popular workplace mental health interventions, and discovered little to none.

The trends defining the $1.8 trillion global wellness market in 2024

Our latest Future of Wellness survey finds that consumers are taking greater control over their health-and expect companies to provide effective, science-backed solutions.

Marina Abramović has launched a skincare brand – and it doesn’t seem to be satire

Abramović’s foray into the wellness industry is not particularly surprising. As of 2024, she positions herself as an artist-life-coach.

London-based Self Space gets €2.6 million to set up on demand therapy on every high street

Self Space, one of the world’s first on-demand mental health service on the high street, announced the closing of €2.6 million in seed funding, led by purpose-driven VC, Redrice Ventures. This new funding will help Self Space combat the demand by expanding its offering of same-day mental health support across the UK and across the mental health spectrum.
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