Keynote: Building a Wellness Business that Lasts

with Rick Stollmeyer, Founder, Mindbody, US

Rick Stollmeyer, author and founder of Mindbody, kicked off Day 3 of the 2020 Global Wellness Summit by forecasting a new 4th wave of wellness, which will take place 2021-2030 and beyond. Stollmeyer expects record growth in the wellness industry. Although there will be fewer brick and mortar facilities, these businesses will have a stronger value proposition and can charge more for services. But a strong uptick in virtual offerings that are available to anyone will drive growth. This new democratization of wellness is fueled by technology, which is available to businesses of all sizes. However, technology will not replace face to face.

After Stollmeyer’s presentation, top wellness investors turned the tables on the traditional investor pitch by pitching delegates and virtual attendees on what they are looking for in wellness investments, continuing the Summit’s emphasis on connection.

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