The top minds in the industry explore the new emphasis on wellness. Watch 2020 Summit videos

Day One of the 2020 Summit was a whirlwind of inspiring keynotes, surprise guests and brainstorming sessions where delegates and attendees answered the question, “What Will Wellness Look Like Five Years from Now?” Register for On Demand access and watch videos of all main stage presentations, including these top wellness visionaries.

Here are a few memorable quotes from Day One.

“Sustainable travel was the first shift…but regenerative travel is the next, where you actually make the places you visit better than when you got there. Travel has been so disconnected from the people, the place, the ecosystem of the destination–and regenerative travel is about making that deeper connection…It’s where your “vacation meets your values” And every hotel or resort can apply regenerative principles to their operations.”

— Amanda Ho, Co-Founder, Regenerative Travel, Hong Kong

The global pandemic brought new attention to the role wellness plays in our health and the health of our planet. This new awareness of wellness led to the theme of the 2020 Summit, ”Resetting the World with Wellness.”

“As the pandemic winds down…whether that’s in two or 36 months…we’re going to see massive energy around wellness. This has been a long time of winnowing, of narrowing down what’s important. A time of deep introspection…and businesses in wellness need to show humility and take that blank sheet of paper, and imagine what could be.”

— John Kao, Author, Strategist, Innovator, Transformer

The 2020 Summit is setting new standards for healthy conferences, and new technologies, including the science of light, are playing an important role. In-person delegates met with innovators at the Tech Innovation Pavilion.

“Light is ubiquitous…it’s in every environment that we humans live in. And light designed specifically for human health and UVC and Far-UVC light that can disinfect interiors of viruses/pathogens, will follow the path LED lights did these last 20 years: They will get much more democratized and fast, because the scale of tens of millions of units will drive the pricing down.”

–Fred Maxik, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Healthe Inc. by Lighting Science


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