A Neuroscientist’s Multisensory Approach to Vitality with Ari Peralta

Are you ready to unlock the hidden power of the senses? Meet Ari Peralta, the visionary neuroscientist and sensory designer who is revolutionizing the way we understand and experience the world around us—and helping businesses across sectors leverage multisensory integration to their advantage. With expertise in brand and product development, research design, as well as wellness-driven experiences, Ari has made a name for himself helping companies infuse sensory experiences to benefit customer experience, retention, and advocacy. Ari’s unique background combines a strong foundation in both business and neuroscience-based sensory design. He is dedicated to creating a better understanding of how sensory experiences can positively impact the human experience.
The senses are a crucial system that allows us to interpret the world beyond what we can physically touch. According to Ari, our body receives about 11 million signals every second, and the senses are responsible for transforming that information into valuable insights in the brain, shaping our experiences and emotions. To Ari, the senses are a unique language that only humans can understand and use to share experiences with one another.
Wellbeing, Ari explains, is both physical and perceptual, drawing upon the pillars of wellness. Some aspects of wellness can be physically felt, while others, like mental wellness, are perceptual and rely on psychological archetypes formed in our minds. In this hyper-stimulated world, people are constantly on sensory overload and need a reset. On this podcast episode, you will hear about the concept of “sensory resets,” using specific stimuli to shift focus and reduce stress.
Ari believes that the future of wellness lies in perception, and this is just the beginning of perception medicine. Perception medicine aims to shift one’s perception of reality, as the brain often interprets signals in a way that may not always be accurate. When we experience pain, depression, anxiety, and other emotional states, these are all perceptual states that are intricately linked to sensation and attention. This concept is particularly relevant when discussing diseases of despair, loneliness, and other issues related to a perceptual crisis of identity, purpose, and behavior.
This episode is sure to inspire new dimensions of thinking on how your business might integrate the senses to enhance the customer experience and achieve strategic goals.
To learn more about our guest, visit Ari Peralta’s site at Arigami.co.uk.
Hosted by Kim Marshall

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