GWS Podcast Episode 32 How Two Businesses Transformed to Help Medical Providers, COVID-19 Patients, & Wellness Entrepreneurs – with Jim Chenevey & Rick Stollmeyer

When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, a lot of people looked to the Global Wellness Summit for hope and answers. So the GWS shifted their plans for this year, just like everyone else, and focused on providing information and advice to help people adjust to their “new normal.”

One of the GWS initiatives was the #FiveInTen Leader Livecasts, hosted by Kim Marshall. We’ve been talking to wellness leaders from the worlds of fitness, beauty, the arts, technology — you name it — but there’s one thing that every guest has had in common: they’re inspiring examples of innovation and positivity during this time. Today, we want to share two of the conversations featured on livecasts.

First is Jim Chenevey, CEO of Earthlite, a company dedicated to healing humanity through touch, and Living Earth Crafts, and spa equipment manufacturer. We’ll hear how they quickly shifted their manufacturing to meet the shifting demands of both medical providers, including how a doctor’s request helped them adapt a pregnancy pillow for massage tables into a life-saving tool for COVID-19 patients.

For the second half of this episode, we’ll hear a conversation with Rick Stollmeyer, Co-Founder of Mindbody, a tech platform and app that enables wellness entrepreneurs worldwide to use the software to run, market, and grow their businesses. Then the rest of us can use the app to quickly find fitness, wellness, and beauty businesses in their communities or wherever they’re traveling. They led the way in helping the $100B fitness industry go virtual practically overnight, and it’s amazing to hear how they pulled it off.



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