Living History on the Cliffs of Big Sur – Episode #46

Sponsored by Murad Skincare

You may have seen Esalen depicted on the last episode of Mad Men when the story’s star, Don Draper, was inspired to create that famous Coca-Cola commercial, “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing,” after meditation and facing his truths at Esalen.

This episode delves into the mystique of Big Sur’s Esalen Institute, home of the Human Potential Movement, Gestalt Therapy, Hot Tub Diplomacy, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and so much more. Some even say the popularity of yoga, breathwork and organic food began at Esalen as well. The retreat center is also where arguably the best massages in the world happen. (In fact, Vogue magazine called it the “Emerald City of massage.”)

In this episode, we’ll be speaking to two of Esalen’s original massage therapists, Brita Ostrom and Peggy Horan, who are still going strong after hobnobbing in the Sixties with the likes of Bob Dylan, Ravi Shankar, Joan Baez and Bruce Springsteen. You’ll find out why the time is now to get back to human touch—and why it’s the greatest gift we can give each other.

Episode #46 also includes a conversation with the dynamic young Director of Esalen Healing Arts, Douglas Drummond, and the amazing Lucia Horan, a second-generation Esalen alum and Somatic Meditation Expert.

You won’t want to miss this illuminating discussion about Esalen’s incomparable past…its vibrant present, and its vision for the future!


Hosted by Kim Marshall     |   Produced by Crate Media

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