73. Rachel Krupa – Can Bodegas, Minibars, and Newsstands Really Be Healthy?

Have you ever imagined your local convenience store carrying an exclusive range of healthy, consciously produced items instead of the usual high-processed, sugary, and preservative-filled snacks? Enter The Goods Mart, a socially conscious store envisioned by PR & branding maven, Rachel Krupa, that has brilliantly redefined the concept of the traditional bodega.

The Goods Mart embraces a fresh, wholesome ethos, offering a curated selection of items that are predominantly from female or diverse founders. These products shine with their innovative approach, utilizing regenerative ingredients, heirloom grains, or even upcycled goods to offer healthier alternatives to conventional snacks.

However, The Goods Mart’s allure doesn’t stop at nutritious nibbles. The store underlines the joy of discovery, focusing on promoting emerging brands. Brands that first nestle into the shelves of The Goods Mart can soon find themselves gracing the aisles of larger retailers like Whole Foods.

Making the most of its cozy, 500-square-foot spaces, The Goods Mart – currently with three New York locations – dazzles with its variety rather than quantity. Products that have gained popularity include the chocolate squares from Canadian brand Midday Squares, Malta’s versatile sauce, and Confetti’s chips made from upcycled vegetables.

Waste reduction is a key aspect of The Goods Mart’s mission. It sells ‘cosmetically challenged’ fruits and collaborates with Welfare.org to donate lightly expired products to those in need. They also support the Violet Pantry at NYU by providing goods for low-income students.

Continuing its commitment to sustainability, The Goods Mart stands firmly against plastic bottles, favoring glass, aluminum, and other sustainable materials instead. The store even takes care to serve beverages in paper cups to minimize environmental impact.

With an eye on expansion, The Goods Mart has ventured into the hospitality sector, curating snacks for hotel minibars, cafes, coffee shops, and corporate pantries. The aim is not just to increase the reach of these products but also to spark conversations about unique snacks and healthier alternatives to traditional minibar items.

Ultimately, Rachel envisions The Goods Mart as a supportive partner to emerging brands, helping them disrupt their categories and shape their trajectories. Whether that’s through inviting discovery or sharing the story of the products and founders they offer. The Goods Mart also actively supports black-owned brands, inspired by Aurora James’ 15% pledge initiative. The store has committed to ensuring that 15% of the brands in their stores are black-owned and black-funded businesses.

As The Goods Mart continues to break boundaries in the convenience store industry, Rachel Krupa’s journey is an inspiring testament to the power of visionary leadership and conscious consumerism. By continuing to provide healthier, sustainable alternatives and support for diverse and emerging brands, The Goods Mart is poised to redefine what convenience truly means, setting a high bar for stores around the world. The Goods Mart is not just a convenience store, it’s a mission-driven platform for good.

To learn more, visit The Goods Mart’s site at TheGoodsMart.com.  

Rachel was a keynote speaker at the Global Wellness Summit’s 2023 Wellness Real Estate and Communities Symposium held at JPMorgan Chase headquarters in NYC. Access a summary of her talk, along with 17 other keynotes, in the Takeaways+Trends report available for purchase here.



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