Summit Trend in the News: Mushroom Emerge from Underground

LSD, Mushrooms and The Brain: We Discovered Microdosing Could Boost Creativity and WisdomNewsweek
Scientific study shows microdosing improves key mental health and wellbeing measures, such as open-mindedness and creativity.

Psychedelic Retreats And The Future Of Mental Health: A ReviewForbes
Some of Silicon Valley’s most prominent investors are betting that the eventual legalization of psychedelics could create the next big frontier in the mental health industry.

The Rise of Magic Mushroom Wellness RetreatsVICE
Preconceived notions about psychedelic mushrooms are shifting thanks to the wellness set, who are flocking to all-inclusive magic mushroom retreats in droves.

Are Mind-Altering Magic Mushroom Retreats The Future Of Wellness Travel?Well+Good
A new kind of trip is emerging; one that blends mind-altering substances with deep healing.

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