Summit Trend in the News: China – Uncovering the Wealth In Wellness

Across China: Wellness Tourism Gains Popularity among Young White CollarsXinhauNet
With China’s extreme work culture and increased stress levels, more Chinese millennials are hungry for wellness travel. New destinations are focusing on everything from hot springs to mountaineering, and the inbound traveler will benefit.

10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Amanyangyun, ShanghaiHarper’s Bazaar Arabia
Amanyangyun in Shanghai is a powerful example of a new Chinese wellness travel destination, which transported 1000-year-old trees and heritage homes from the Ming and Qing dynasty. It offers a vast spa, comprehensive wellness experiences, and its centerpiece cultural center Nanshufang, where guests get immersed in everything from tea ceremonies to Chinese opera.

One Step Beyond: How The China-Based Sangha Retreat Promises Leadership When It Comes To Wellness Forbes
Another shining example of the new sophistication in Chinese wellness destinations: Sangha Retreat by Octave Institute. West of Shanghai in Suzhou, the 46-acre lakeside resort takes a global view toward transformative, holistic wellbeing, blending Western science with traditional Chinese philosophy.

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