By: Sandra Ballentine

The Tech
Breathwork apps and YouTube videos have been a thing for a while. Gaining traction are handheld devices that track air quality and fitness trackers and other wearables that incorporate breathing- related metrics like breathing rate, pulse oximetry, heart-rate variability and habitual breathing patterns. Some interesting examples include:

HeartMath and lief use wearable sensors to help users track and increase their heart-rate variability, which is said to reduce stress.

Israel-based start-up anicca is in the testing stage of its patent-pending Companion device, which aids in regulating the wearer’s emotions by amplifying the sensation of their breathing as a calming vibration on their body.

Another device developed in Israel, CalmiGo, helps users regulate breathing to reduce anxiety.

Muse 2 brain sensing headband incorporates breath metrics to aid in meditation.

Aimed at athletes, military personnel and first responders, RTM Vital Signs is developing a watch-like rTM r3 fitness monitor that can measure an ambulatory person’s respiratory rate (RR) and tidal volume (TV), body temperature, hemoglobin oxygen saturation, activity level and body position.

While not wearable, Field, a multimedia, AI- driven, “life transformation” experience that takes place in a cocoon-like pod, incorporates breathwork into its brain-training protocols.

This is an excerpt from the “2021: Just Breathe” trend in the 2021 Global Wellness New Trends Report Update 

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