Summit Trend in the News: MediScent Fragrance Gets a Wellness Makeover

The Swaying Power of Scented Spaces Isn’t Always Right Under Our NoseNPR
One World Trade Center in NYC has recently deployed a custom scent (hints of citrus, beech trees, etc.) that wafts throughout the city’s tallest building to elicit “positive thoughts”—and it’s a marketing strategy businesses are increasingly deploying to lure customers into stores and spaces and entice them to stay longer.

How a Hotel Gets Its Signature ScentConde Nast Traveler
Many more hotels are designing unique scents that distill the property’s design, feel and identity to forge an emotional association. It’s calming, creates a “memory trinket,” and the goal is to drive repeat business. See what some top hotel brands and boutique hotels are doing.

Airlines Take Flight with Branded ScentsSF Gate
Airlines are increasingly rolling out their own custom fragrances as part aromatherapy and part branding exercise. United’s scent is called “Landing,” and Delta’s is “Calm.” It’s all designed to make flying a more pleasant—even healing—experience.

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