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Ethical Fashion Is on the RiseTechCrunch
The fashion industry has historically relied on exploitative labor practices in order to sell clothes—but if recent trends are any indication, it won’t for much longer. This article provides some grim stats, such as Cambodian garment workers earning 50 cents an hour, forced to sit for 11 hours a day straight without using the restroom, according to Human Rights Watch.

Come On, Brands, Publish Your Lowest WagesThe Cut
Most fashion brands don’t even talk about the average wages they pay their workers, but two sustainable US brands, Able and Nisolo, have just started a new campaign: The Lowest Wage Challenge. It is what it says: They’re asking brands to publish their very lowest wages, and they hope “lowest wage” becomes a metric that’s as common as “organic” or “fair trade.”

10 Ethical Alternatives to Today’s Top BrandsCauseArtist
In the last few years, the number of fashion brands upholding ethical-to-people standards has grown, so consumers have more humane options than the everyday brands they’re used to. This article suggests a few ethical “switch-outs.”

Ethical Fashion – A Conscious Shift – Essence
This article looks at some brands making moves to protect the people that make the fashion you wear—from Haitian-Italian designer Stella Jean to Tracy Reese’s new brand, Hope for Flowers. It also suggests future, tougher action, including countries where foreign brands have factories making it mandatory to monitor/fix the social impact of their supply chain—and to fine them if they don’t.

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