Trend: Wellness Retreats Finally Take a Human Approach to Men  

Week of April 17th, 2024

Goodbye, tough guy. More men are rejecting the finance bro stereotype and going on retreats to learn empathyFortune
How more men, hitting crises in their lives, are heading to men’s retreats such as Evryman and Junto, that challenge the age-old idea of stoic, self-sufficient masculinity. The retreat-goers report that they find themselves transformed by the days devoted to connecting with others, guided conversations about relationships and work life—interspersed with wellness experiences such as hikes and meditation. How more men are seeing emotional intelligence as a crucial quality to being a leader at work.  

Wellness retreats, long the domain of women, are welcoming menConde Nast Traveler 
This article looks at how major wellness resorts are rolling out programming for men that reaches well beyond physical fitness. This is because more men want to address mental wellness, suppressed emotions, and are seeking treatment for difficult life events, such as divorce, bereavement, and career setbacks. Wellness resort owners report that male guests have been surging. For instance, Miraval saw a 105% increase in the last year. The author recounts how an emotional healing session had a profound effect on him.  

Men’s wellness programs are on the riseAthletech News
Coverage of the GWS trend and how a changing societal landscape and increased male loneliness has led to the rise of retreats and mental health apps designed with men’s social and emotional health in mind.   

Why are men so lonely? Los Angeles Times 
Many articles explore why the loneliness crisis is hitting men—especially younger men—the hardest. This gives a snapshot of some diverse research, from a US survey finding that two-thirds of men aged 18-23 report that “no one really knows me,” to global surveys revealing that men are the loneliest in individualistic cultures. It looks at the forces driving male loneliness, from too much screen time to young men feeling their sense of purpose disintegrate, in a world where women are outpacing them at school and work. The solution: create all kinds of spaces where men can safely express emotions. 

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