Trend: More “Nighttime Wellness” 

Week of May 21st, 2024

From midnight swims to post-dinner meditation, after-dark wellness is the latest trendConde Nast Traveler 
In-depth article on the wellness benefits (especially for sexual wellbeing) of the new “after-dark wellness” programming. How hotels and resorts are stepping up the nighttime wellness experiences in beautiful, natural places, from yoga under the moonlight to overnight adventures in the wild, where guests gather around the campfire. Lists some of the best places to experience “after-dark wellness,” from summer nighttime soaks until midnight (under the glow of the midnight sun) at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon to Finland’s new hotel Billnäs Gård “Evening Howl” wellness experiences from 10 PM-1:30 AM, including Nordic sauna rituals and lantern-lit walks to secluded meditation spots with stargazing and cacao ceremonies. 

5 after-dark adventures to try on your next vacationThe Wall Street Journal 
Looks at how more explorations and wellness experiences are happening after the sun sets. At Boulders Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, AZ, there are guided moonlit bicycle rides on smooth trails; at Como Maalifushi in the Maldives take a dreamy Whale Shark Night Snorkeling excursion; or experience a guided Jungle Night Walk at eco-resort Botánika Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.  

2024 will be huge for astrotourismNational Geographic 
This explores why this year will be the tipping-point for astrotourism globally, from bringing the best auroras/northern lights in two decades (and to regions that don’t usually see them) to the historic solar eclipse. Millions will travel to experience these cosmic sky events and travel companies are rocketing into astrotourism. 

Cult-favorite Canadian social bathhouse Othership prepares to land in NYCNew York Post 
Covers just one example of the new social bathhouses that are redefining what “a night out” means, using the “transformative powers of hot, cold and community” to create a healthy, no-alcohol experience that’s been described as sweaty group therapy. Othership, with two locations in Toronto, will open in Manhattan next month (with more locations ahead), with a vast 100-person sauna, cold plunges, breathwork, DJs, and more. They are expressly aimed at fighting the loneliness epidemic and creating a healthy alternative to a boozy night out. They’re open until midnight weekdays and 1 AM on weekends.  

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