Summit Trend in the News: Meditation Goes Plural

Spa Treatments Are Going Virtual; VR Is the Hottest New Way to Relax Elemental
Spas are increasingly using VR (with massage and guided meditation) as a relaxation tool and to transport people into natural wonderlands. This article looks at companies such as LA’s new Esqapes Immersive Relaxation Spa, Relax VR and Mindful Touch—and also considers the clinical evidence for these experiences.

The Dream Machine: Gareth Bale on Opening a New Mindful Rowing GymEvening Standard
Rowbots, a new gym in London from famed footballer Gareth Bale, is one of the fitness brands putting mindfulness and mental health at the core of the workout. Bale talks about this fitness revolution.

Spas and VR: New Stress Busting Wellness Experiences See You Travel the World – Even the Moon – for MeditationSouth China Morning Post
More on how spas, wellness centers and even dental and medical clinics are using VR to elicit quicker, deeper relaxation—from immersive, guided meditations to taking exotic virtual, sensory trips.

Why Mindful Fitness Is More than a Marketing FadStylist
If we used to have two camps, fitness fanatics and meditation lovers, they are increasingly merging, with more people treating their workout as a form of moving meditation. “Mindful fitness” is a new watchword, and this article ponders what’s meaningful vs. just marketing.

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